The telescope support dedicated to people restricted to a wheelchair.
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Pegase is a telescope support imagined and dedicated to people restricted to a whellchair and to person with back pain. 
Designed by Alexandra, founder and animator in Enastros Compagny, and her boyfriend Frédéric, engineer in embedded software, Pegase was born after voit le jour suite aux constations multiples d'un manque d'accessibilité à l'oculaire des télescopes lors des soirées d'observations. 

"During the different observation events I'm organizing, I realized that the eyepiece is too high for people in a wheelchair. That's why we came with this idea to let everybody contemplate the stars.

Pegase allows people to position the eyepiece horizontally and vertically so you don’t need to move your head anymore, just sit and adjust the position thanks to the rail, the elevator and the wheel and enjoy the starry sky." Alexandra HERRGOTT 

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Pegase can be adapted to any wheelchairs thanks to adaptable feet from 25 to 33 inches. 
The eyepiece can be adapted thanks to its central part that can scale from 1 to 14 inches, so you don’t need to move your head. Wheels let you adjust the position of the support to align with the star you want to see.
The rail let you adjust the position of the eyepiece to your eye. The support can handle telescope mount up to 55 pounds thanks to different adapters.
The Adaptation Support

Enastros wants to provide the best experience possible and is compatible with most existing telescopes.
To achieve this goal, we have developed a support which is durable (parts that are easily repairable or exchangeable) without having to change the entire support.
Adapters are provided to fit existing telescopes of any brand for the best experience. Last but not least, the 120x40x40 transport bag can contain all the equipment which can be easily stowed away in a few minutes for a minimal footprint.

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